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Our Founder, Donna Zanetti is a Yorkshire lass with a head full of ideas, a tenacious desire to make a positive contribution to the music industry and to help her Artists to reach their full potential and shoot for the highest of stars! 

She owns way too many band tees and has a hat for every occasion. When she's not spending hours browsing vinyl stores, you can usually find her dancing at a gig or festival, wearing a ridiculous amount of fringe and singing along (badly). She is the Queen of misheard lyrics and throws out questionable dance moves ;)

Growing up on a Leeds council estate in a three bedroom house with several siblings meant it was crowded, chaotic but full of love and laughter. With so many personalities at home and music always playing from multiple rooms in the house, it's no surprise that Donna grew up with an eclectic taste in music. Her big brother would have dance music blasting so loud that the walls would shake, her Mam would have Michael Bolton on the record player and her sister would be singing along to a boyband. It was when Donna discovered LeAnn Rimes, Shania Twain and Faith Hill that her love for Country Music started and she would listen on her walkman and get lost in the storytelling lyrics. After reconnecting with her childhood best friend in 2016, who also loves Country Music - they started to go to as many gigs and festivals as they could and became part of the 'Country Family'.


With a  multifaceted background in Marketing, PR, Talent Management, Event & Project Management, Commercial Partnerships and Business Affairs throughout an 18 year professional career, she has the ingredients to do great things in the music industry which had been an ambition since she was a teenager and so when the opportunity presented itself, she started to regularly consult for industry professionals behind the scenes and also worked as Commercial Director at an indie label before starting to venture into managing artists. Fast forward to 2021 when she launched her boutique agency ZimagineD with three artists on her roster and wakes up every single day feeling extremely lucky to fulfil her childhood dream. She is now helping her artists; Kezia, Emilia and Audra fulfil theirs! 

"I encourage my Artists to DREAM BIG. We work hard to turn those dreams into plans and then start to DREAM BIGGER!" - Donna Zanetti


ZimagineD is evolving from Artist Management to a full Artist Services Agency by partnering with some really great companies and professional individuals to offer our artists the opportunity to tap into reputable specialists should they wish to. This means that Donna can take a holistic approach to management to ensure that her artist's core needs are met and that external forces are taken into consideration. Watch this space for more information about our Partners.

You can reach Donna directly by email at